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Body Transformation in Yonkers NY

Non-surgical Body Transformation

Protocols: What is the Beauty Bank @ Juvanni?

Is non-surgical body transformation possible?

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Body Transformation with HCG shots, IV Vitamin infusions and Coolsculpting

At Juvanni MedSpa, Body transformation is a sacred process of learning to take care of the vehicle that carries your consciousness (your body) ! We assist you in this journey by skillful use of some important anti-aging medications and machines.

The entire process is non surgical, FDA cleared and has no downtime. It may feel slow but the results and the resultant improved lifestyle habits stay for a long time.

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Individual results may vary.

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Services for Body Transformation

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At Juvanni Medspa, we offer a variety of services that can help you achieve the body transformation you desire.

Whether you are looking to slim down, tone up, or just feel more confident, we have a treatment that is right for you.

  • The Beauty Bank @ Juvanni
  • Cryotherapy with CoolSculpting
  • Fat Melt Shots
  • Anti-aging Skin Infusions
  • HCG Weight loss Injections
  • Slim Shots
The Beauty Bank @ Juvanni

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The Beauty Bank @ Juvanni

Beauty bank is a Skin Club created for those of you who are aware of the responsibilities your body demands from you for its continued Anti-aging. And since none of anti-aging therapies are covered by your routine health care, the burden of paying for your treatments is entirely on you. 

Modern living is full of bills and as your body ages it becomes more important to have access to extra funds. Juvanni beauty bank is created for our followers to save a little gift each month towards your upcoming treatments.  

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Remove unwanted fat without surgery!

Summer bodies are planned in winter!



1-The funds you save, wont expire (unless you do)  

2- It’s nonrefundable , but you can transfer or gift them to another member.  

3- Your anti-aging medication prices remain stable and you get our best rates.  

4- You gain access to highly experienced teachers in our anti-aging academy where you can join virtual classes for breathing, yoga, nutrition, and other anti-aging protocols!  

5- You can upgrade, downgrade, or pause your savings in accordance with your upcoming anti-aging needs.  

6- You get first invitations to skin club events and limited season specials 

7-A noteworthy benefit for joining the Beauty Bank will be the gifts we will match each time you save for yourself. Every 6 months we will make it possible for you to select a service from our extensive menu of anti-aging treatments. Based on the level you join, these options will be presented to you (upon consultation) every 6 months. This can range from anti-aging medications, skin infusions or laser treatments. 


The Beauty Bank is for our established clients as well as those future customers who are seeking a full body anti-aging program to join. It has four levels, which correspond with your age and stage of anti-aging requirements. Pls book a consultation to find out how to initiate it for yourself or a loved one.


We have 4 tiers available:

  1. Silver $250 per month
  2. Gold $555 per month
  3. Titanium $999 per month
  4. Diamond $ 1550 per month

Click here for more information

Are you ready to meet an upgraded version of YOURSELF?

If the answer is Yes, please click the link below and fill out your contact information in order to apply to our program.

Cryotherapy with CoolSculpting

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Cryotherapy with Coolsculpting

(Non-surgical fat removal with FDA Cleared Coolsculpting)

Try as hard as you might with diet and exercise, but areas of stubborn fat just won’t diminish. CoolSculpting® treatments offered at Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa® offer a solution. Sofia Din, MD, and a team of qualified technicians offer this nonsurgical fat-reducing treatment to men and women from in and around Yonkers, NY.

To learn how you can take inches off your waistline and contour your physique with CoolSculpting, call the office, or book a consultation using our online tools.

Remove Unwanted Fat Without Surgery!


CoolSculpting is based on a patented Cryolipolysis® technology, which involves freezing fat cells away. The cold temperatures are applied to treatment areas, destroying fat cells.

The cells are then eliminated by your body’s natural waste-removal systems.

The noninvasive treatment eliminates stubborn fat for good; the cells cannot re-plump or regenerate.


The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared CoolSculpting to reduce fat in the:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Double chin
  • Knee
  • Area between bra and arm

The CoolSculpting device features multiple applicator sizes for ultimate precision during treatment.

CoolSculpting is most appropriate for people who are at or near their normal weight. It isn’t a comprehensive weight loss solution. CoolSculpting works best as a complement to a healthy lifestyle.


During a CoolSculpting treatment, a technician applies the device to predetermined treatment areas to generate the controlled cooling. The revolutionary cooling technology targets underlying fat cells and does not damage the skin surface or surrounding tissue.

You’ll feel a sensation of intense cold when the CoolSculpting technology is first applied, and then as the treatment area starts to numb, you will relax. During treatment, feel free to read, play on your phone, or nap. You can go back to work or other activities after CoolSculpting treatment – no downtime is necessary.


You’ll notice results in about three weeks, with optimal results appearing after eight weeks. It takes time for your body to get rid of the disrupted fat cells. Your body continues to flush out fat cells for up to six months following treatment. Most people benefit from a series of treatments. Dr. Din offers a plan that’s right for you.

The destroyed fat cells are gone for good; they cannot return. But, untreated fat cells still remain in your body and can plump up if you gain notable weight. For best results, maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen to keep your results.

Fat Melt Shots


Fat Melt Shots

As a result of the natural aging process, it is common for fat to accumulate underneath the chin, creating an unappealing “double chin” appearance. at Juvanni MedSpa®, we offer Kybella® injectable treatments to destroy submental fat underneath the chin without invasive procedures or downtime.

Juvanni MedSpa® is located in Yonkers, New York. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how Kybella® can restore tighter, lifted contours in your lower face.

Juvanni Underchin Solutions


In a recent survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, over 60 percent of men and women stated that they are displeased with the appearance of their lower faces due to excess fat underneath the chin. In the past, this cosmetic concern was only able to be addressed with surgical procedures such as liposuction. Kybella® now offers a quicker, safer solution with no downtime and long-lasting results.


The first FDA-approved injectable treatment for the lower face, Kybella® is composed of deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in the body and plays a key role in the breakdown and absorption of fat. When injected into the fatty tissues underneath the chin, Kybella® destroys fat cells and prevents them from accumulating or storing fat in the future, creating tighter contours and eliminating your double chin.

Administered as a series of small injections in strategic points in the lower face, Kybella® is a quick, comfortable treatment that is easy to fit into any busy schedule and is typically well-tolerated by patients.


Kybella® has been extensively studied and tested as part of a global clinical development program, with over 20 clinical studies performed and over 1,500 patients treated successfully and with few instances of major side effects. As with any injectable treatment, slight bruising, swelling, and redness are common at injection sites but should subside shortly after treatment.

Kybella® should always be administered by a medical professional, as incorrect dosages and uses can potentially result in complications. Our medical team at Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa® has extensive experience in injectable treatments for safe, predictable results.

Although Kybella® permanently destroys fat cells, future weight gain, gravity, and the natural aging process can affect results. Kybella® should not be considered a substitute for diet and exercise, and results may vary from patient to patient. We will develop a customized treatment plan that most directly benefits you and your unique needs.

Anti-aging Skin Infusions


Anti-aging Skin Infusions

There are many surgical procedures to remove excess fat from the body, but at Juvanni MedSpa® we offer safer solutions. It’s easy to get attracted to yummy food however, maintaining your weight is an essential component of anti-aging and we have various solutions. One of our favorite solutions is to feed our body the vitamins and minerals it craves without having to consume the calories.

My favorite weight loss drip cocktail increases your metabolic rate and energy since it contains mega-doses of B12, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C and Magnesium. It’s perfect on its own as well as an adjunct to Juvanni Dewan.

Have you heard about our “Slim and Trim” anti-aging skin infusion?


For beauty to manifest itself, or maintain and preserve itself, a few chemical pre-requisites are required as important ingredients. For example, as we age our guts fail to absorb as much nutrients from our environment through food as we need. Intravenous Vitamins are designed to by-pass the gut and add some important minerals and vitamins to your blood stream directly. Again, these are preservative free minerals and water-soluble concoctions which we recommend monthly or once a quarter depending on your age and severity of problems we are trying to improve. 


Here are some common results people notice from regular use of vitamins in this manner 

1- increased energy and focus.

2- skin glow and reducing pigmentation.

3-relief from fibromyalgia related aches and pains. 

4-hair restoration. 

5-weight management.

6-menopausal flashes.


These Infusions were initially made popular thanks to some celebrity stars and athletes for secretly antiaging or doping without leaving any clues, but over the last few years these are being commonly used by routine people for skincare and beauty maintenance.

HCG Weight loss Injections

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HCG Weight loss Injections

At Juvanni we also refer to the HCG diet as the "Food addict's Bootcamp". Our clients like to combine HCG with fat metabolizers, energy boosters, skin infusions and routine cryotherapy sessions to get not just improve weight control but also develop necessary lifestyle routines to allow the results to last over the entirety of your lifespan.

The HCG diet has helped millions to lose weight safely and without any side effects. HCG is used in extremely low doses for weight reduction.

Release Unwanted Fat


HCG is recommended in 3 weeks and 6 weeks programs where clients are required to visit the office once a week for close follow-up of body function. It's a routine doctor's visit where we check how the body transformation is working.

Our HCG treatment, as you decrease your weight you will also experience some of the following positive signs:

  • Positive effect on mood.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Relief of back pain.
  • More rapid loss of inches.

Slim Shots

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Lipotropic Fat-burning Shots In Yonkers, NY

Our slim shots are usually combinations of Mega doses of B-12 vitamins combined with water soluble minerals that help you cleanse your liver such as MIC (Methionine, Inositol, choline). This combination helps you by enhancing your energy reserves and how your body mobilizes fat.

These can be done separately or in combination with HCG. At Juvanni MedSpa®, we offer multiple weight reduction solutions.

Weight Loss Solutions


MIC stands for methione-inositol-choline, a combination of essential vitamins and amino acids that speeds up the removal of fat from the liver. This process of helping the liver process fat aids increases the amount of calories burned, helping to optimize your weight loss program.

Vitamin B12 aids in the production of healthy red blood cells creates DNA for new cells, and helps the body convert food into energy. Additionally, Vitamin B12 also maintains:

● Healthy skin.

● Healthy hair.

● Proper liver function.

● Eye function.


Developed in the 1950s, mesotherapy utilizes natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA such as vitamins, minerals, medicines, and amino acids.

When injected into the fatty tissue of the mesoderm, or middle layer of the skin, this unique formulation breaks down the connective bonds of fat cells, breaking them free from the skin. The body then flushes the fat cells out through natural processes, where they are permanently removed by the body.

Less invasive than surgical procedures and derived from ingredients that are easily recognized and processed by the body, mesotherapy is among the safest and most natural ways to reduce cellulite and promote weight loss.



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